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shonamukhi's Journal

8 May
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i m a HUGE yunjae shipper,no scratch that,i m a yunjae BELIEVER and an OT5 cassie..jaejoong owns my soul,i m a slave for him but alas he belongs to yunho..:(..but i don't mind to give him to yunho as i know he can treat him better..*coughswinkscoughs* XD..anyway,i DAMN LOVE to read fanfictions and admire+envy peoples with amazing writing talents..wish i could be one too..;_;...m a music freak too..
i really hope to make great friends here and do some great stuffs along with my friends.:)..i love to read harry/draco fics too and i m quite a big fan of that of fandom as well..^_^
one serious note..i don't mind people who support only JYJ or HoMin..i m actually qquite pleasant to everyone,even to one-track minded stans,as long as they don't try to bash me or my friends or any other OT5 cassies or yunjae shippers.but i do mind who try to bash me for my choices..its my life and i know what i am doing or what i m believing..so please take your opinions to any where else where your opinions won't fall into deaf ears XD.once again..ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING..
nothing is impossible in this world.i believe in hearts who had been together in the past,still together and will lead their ways to their reunion.paths may separate,fates may change but hearts will always link back to W,under one sky.life will go on,but the past can never be forgotten or the future can never be predicted,but as long as i breath,i will keep hoping that five birds will once again sit on the tree of life and will sing for a new dawn..i believe that..so i m always keeping up my faith..forever 5,not 2 or 3..
DB5K <3